Top ten Electric Smokers

By Chris / January 25, 2015

Investing in a smoker is one of the best choices a barbecue enthusiast can make. Smokers are incredibly versatile, since they can use various fuel sources and can do both traditional smoking and cold smoking. Electric versions are unparalleled in their consistent power output and automation, which makes smoking easier than ever. If you're looking for a decent electric smoker, here are the top ten electric smokers on the market.

Masterbuilt 20070910

masterbuilt 20070910

Masterbuilt has built a reputation as a titan in the household smokers industry, and for good reason. Masterbuilt smokers are built to last and perform like a dream, and this one is no exception. The 20070910 is a great choice when you're cooking for a crowd. This unit has 730 square inches of cooking space with 4 separate racks. We found this product to be very user friendly tanks to its straightforward digital display.

Smoke Hollow 30162E

This unit by Smoke Hollow looks like a smoker you'd find in a restaurant, but its perfectly well suited for personal use. The 30162E is made with stainless steel and is porcelain-coated at several areas, so it'll stay rust free. This onecan get hot pretty quickly. Luckily, it has a wire handle that stays cool no matter how hot you're smoking your barbecue.

Best Electric Smoker Under $300

masterbuilt 2007213

Another unit from Masterbuilt, the 2007213 is similar to the 20070910, except that it does a better job of holding in heat. This is because the it has has full foam insulation that prevents heat from escaping. This unit is sleek, looks like a wine cooler and fits perfect on anyone's patio.

Bradley Original

Bradley Smokers Original

Bradley Smokers is a company renowned for their barbecue appliances, and it all started with this little unit. The original smoker by Bradley comes with four racks and is controlled by a knob. This unit isn't just for smoking barbecue; it can be used as a slow cooker or as an oven as well.

Char-Broil Electric Vertical

Char Broil 30

Char-Broil is a brand that produces a plethora of barbecue equipment. This smoker by Char-Broil has a 1,500 watt heating element, so its power output is not an issue. This smoker is easy to assemble and even easier to use. Although you it doesn't come with a window so you can see your meat being smoked, it does come with a temperature gauge on the door so you can monitor the heat.

Brinkmann 810-7080-K

Brinkman 810 7080

This Brinkman is a bit different from your conventional smoker. At first glance it resembles a large crockpot, but upon closer inspection you can tell it's made for barbecue. This unit has 2 cooking grills, can hold up to 50 pounds of food, and has a 1500-watt heating element. This little thing fits perfectly in your cabinet and is perfect for those who don't smoke for a crowd

Best Infrared Smoker for Beginners

Char-Broil Big Easy

Char-Broil went above and beyond with the technology used in the Big Easy IR. This unit uses infrared power to roast, grill, and smoke all in one. This model isn't going to produce a lot of barbecue at once, since it can only hold up to 25 pounds of food at once. However, it is an ideal unit for anyone who cooks for two.

Old Smokey Electric

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

This Old Smokey unit is essentially a large tin can with a heating element and racks for your meat. Despite such a simple design, this smoker is a top-notch versatile unit that can grill, roast, and smoke. The Old Smokey is controlled by a heat thermostat, which is what allows it great versatility in barbecue cooking.

Best Electric Smoker for Beginners

Smokehouse Big Chief

If you get something right the first time, there's hardly a reason to change what you do the second time around. This is the general concept behind the Big Chief Smoker. This best selling brand has boasted the same design for 55 years. This unit can be used right out of the box since no assembly is required. It comes with enough extras that you can go straight from the box to cooking.  If you would like a little cheaper version they also have the Little Chief.

Best Electric Smoker for the Money

masterbuilt electric under 500

This electric is like the Cadillac of meat smokers. That is why it is our favorite.  The Masterbuilt 4-rack digital can be wireless controlled with a remote control, has a viewing window and comes with an accurate built-in thermometer. Using this smoker, one can't help but feel like you're living in the era of the Jetsons.

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